About Us

Projects Abroad Consultancy About UsProjects Abroad Consultancy provides project management, Consultancy, research and training services in international development.

Projects Abroad Consultancy's strong multi-disciplinary team has an established track-record of work in over 40 countries during the last 15 years.

Projects Abroad Consultancy is a self-financing consultancy working within the framework of Projects Abroad Ltd.

Projects Abroad Consultancy operates within an internal company structure and is highly experienced in the contractual, managerial, operational and financial aspects of external, client-funded contracts and projects.

This organisational framework means that Projects Abroad Consultancy is free to respond quickly and flexibly to clients’ and partners’ needs and requests as they arise, whilst maintaining the backing of the main company’s financial, personnel and quality assurance support.

Rationale For Our Work In This Area

Projects Abroad Consultancy has a unique combination of interest and experience in environmental aspects of sustainable development. Our technical expertise in natural resources management sits comfortably beside our capacity building and governance skills and is supported by our capabilities in communications and media.

Projects Abroad Consultancy enjoys a network of partner organizations with whom we have collaborated on environmental projects across the world.

Key Competencies

  • Environmental governance
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Sector reviews and policy development
  • Policy and practice towards sustainable agriculture
  • Joint forest management
  • Training in forest stewardship certification
  • Training needs analysis and training programme planning participatory approaches in NR management
  • Co-management of common property resources
  • Farmer-to-farmer extension systems
  • Advocacy
  • Development and design of practical strategies: sustainable tourism development, alternative and sustainable livelihoods strategies, micro-enterprise
  • Feasibility Analysis of Options for Conservation and Sustainable Development media materials development
  • Health rehabilitation and exercise for chronic and non-acute conditions.
  • Developing and empowering the skills and competencies of VET teachers, trainers and tutors.