Entrepreneurial skills development in universities in Morocco 

The project aims to implement at Moroccan universities a series of measures to promote entrepreneurship among their students, and to encourage and support the development of specific projects that generate employment on the basis of knowledge, creativity and culture.

Starting from the triangle of action, “strength of will, knowledge and capacity”, the project is based on concrete actions that have a positive impact on the skills and attitudes of students, both through the strengthening of existing measures in the undergraduate curriculum , and with which the creation of new teaching tools.

Adapting the methodologies already used by European universities for promoting entrepreneurial initiatives, DEVEN3C participants will develop an array of projects aimed at students, teachers, and other staff in Moroccan universities.

The Partnership consists of Moroccan and European universities , companies, associations of students and strategic partners, all aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the project.

General ObjectiveSupporting self-employment among students as a viable professional perspective , through specific teachings that encourage entrepreneurship. This is set in the context of continuing university reform in Morocco.

Specific Objectives 

- 1. Sensitize students to the possibilities of self-employment;

- 2. Sharpen the business skills of graduates of universities through specific training activities;

- 3. Provide students with the necessary skills and tools for them to become entrepreneurs;

- 4. Establish methods to assess the degree of success in this hard-to-measure field;

- 5. Create networks that enable universities to internationalize their business partners for knowledge sharing, through the promotion of new initiatives.

The project is coordinated by UNIVERSIDAD DE CADIZ