Management of Sustainable and Ecological Tourism MEST

The purpose of this project is to bring strengthen the cooperation between companies and higher education institutions through the development of a joint innovative Masters Program in Management of Sustainable and Ecological Tourism, with adapted learning and teaching methods.

MEST will dynamically link people from different disciplines and from outside academia to improve students’ experience which will enable them to learn to deal with multi disciplinary decision making solution. This allows for students not to be just inserted into one system or discipline, but simultaneously into a process of learning about the relation between education, political, social, ecological and economic environment. But the most innovative aspect of this Masters Degree is that it links Tourism to Ecology and Sustainability. 


To develop teaching materials that utilize learning objects

To develop modules tailored to technology assisted on Sustainable and Ecological Tourism

To develop a virtual learning environment that facilitates learning and assessment

To disseminate the results to a wider world audience

To exploit the results by organizing the transfer to other practitioners

Accordingly this project will do the following:

To develop and validate jointly MSc modules program on enhanced technology on Sustainable and Ecological Tourism and run the new course piloted at UPM, Madrid, Spain.

To update existing libraries

To enhance applied postgraduate education for consortium countries practitioners closer to a harmonized Standard.

This project considers a framework for the establishment of learning outcomes and assessment tools for each module based on the following set of three goals:

To offer a quality education assembling as professorship the best experts and professionals of each one of the disciplines.

To obtain a multidisciplinary cluster that allows the students to obtain the maximum knowledge and practices to be able to join the labour world with the best guaranty of success.

To develop the capacities of the students and of those professionals and businessmen who already are owners of a tourist company, orientating and specializing his business towards a cultural, environmental and social identity that allows commercializing a tourist product of competitive quality with a guarantee of sustainability that assures his future.

Development of an innovative joint continuing postgraduate education curriculum and coordinated continuing education organizational structure for partner countries represents good example of optimal and coordinated resource utilization. The proposed MSc modules programme will provide provision for continuing education and cover the shortage of skills and educational resources on Sustainable and Ecological Tourism worldwide.