Why do clients choose Projects Abroad Consultancy?

Projects Abroad Consultancy why choose usWe have developed an approach to providing services that is founded on effective relationships, a full understanding of client requirements, exploiting new opportunities, managing risk and improving project outcomes.

Our consultancy is completely focused on client needs, which for us means a great deal more than just fulfilling contractual obligations; it means finding new ways to respond to market needs. For example learners that live in remote areas of Greenland had difficulties in pursuing vocational education programmes and that constituted a major barrier to local and regional development. Our experts have developed innovative ways of solving this problem by developing an e-learning pedagogy that allowed young people to enrol in vocational programmes and stay engaged in courses that led them to acquire qualifications that were essential for the economic and social development of remote areas.

Our consultants are our greatest asset. They benefit from an enormous amount of relevant experience. They have rich practical experience; some of them are currently leading projects funded by the UK governmental bodies such as Higher Education Funding Council for EnglandDEFRA and the European Commission. Additionally, our services are continually benchmarked against industry best practice to ensure that the services we provide are of the highest quality.